Business Charter

Our fleet of aircraft can provide fast non-stop transportation to destinations up to 300 miles away. Portland, Spokane Boise, or anywhere in between are all within easy reach of our home base. Short distance airline travel (less than 300 miles) can be very time consuming and frustrating. Commuting to the airport, parking, baggage check-in, security checks, and aircraft boarding are taking more and more time. Private air travel is often faster, more cost effective, and a more relaxing means of travel. This is especially true when several people are traveling together to remote areas that have airports but no scheduled airline service. The convenience of air charter can save you time, money and headaches. When traveling with Regal Air, you depart on your own schedule and fly to your destination without the inconvenience of time consuming stops or airplane transfers. Traveling in the privacy and comfort of your own chartered aircraft allows you to relax and enjoy the view or finish that last bit of work without being interrupted.

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