Pleasure Charter

How about taking a little time out and go for a Regal Air pleasure charter flight. Whether your flight is a simple one-hour scenic tour of the local area, a destination to the far off reaches of the Pacific Northwest, or anywhere in between, Regal Air can get you there and back. And best of all, we do it on your schedule!

Driving to your vacation destination is time consuming and can be frustrating with traffic and construction. An affordable alternative is to charter your own personal aircraft to take you to your vacation destination. Below are a few examples of time saving by flight vacation destinations.

Destination Drive Time Flight Time
Ocean Shores 4 Hours 45 Minutes
Forks 5 Hours w/ Ferry 1 Hour 20 Min
Portland 3.5 Hours 1 Hour 30 Min
Wenatchee 2 Hours 1 Hour
Chelan 3 Hours 1 Hour 15 Min
Spokane 4.5 Hours 2 Hours 30 Min
Coeur d’Alene 6 Hours 3 Hours

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