Air Charter Overview

Commercial and Government Charter

We can support a variety of aerial survey equipment and currently fly for the U.S. Forest Service, Washington State, the Department of Fish and Wildlife, and University of Washington.


If you haven’t flown in a small charter plane before, you should be aware of a few constraints:

  • Weather: Poor weather greatly impacts our ability to fly. From June-August, there’s a good chance we’ll be able to conduct your charter flight on most days. However, outside of those months, it’s very possible that we may need to cancel your charter with short notice. Flights staying west of the Cascades have a much higher probability of occurring as scheduled.
  • Size: Our planes are much smaller than those used by airlines. At most, we can accommodate 5 passengers and a small amount of luggage (total weight approximately 850lbs and we are required to weigh people and luggage).

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