All 152s Have ADS-B Out and 12E Gets Upgrades

In order to get ahead of the 2020 ADS-B requirements, ALL of our Cessna 152s now have ADS-B Out! If you’re not familiar with ADS-B, here are some benefits of ADS-B Out (from AOPA):

  • Enhanced safety and additional situational awareness from traffic
  • More efficient search and rescue. ADS-B’s GPS-based surveillance provides more accurate information about an aircraft’s last reported position. This is because ADS-B Out avionics transmit data approximately once every second, compared to a ground-based radar’s sweep rate of 3-15 seconds.

Additionally, you may have seen our previous post, announcing upgrades we made to 32G. We recently made similar upgrades to N5512E:


For more information, check out Garmin’s page on the GTX 345.

Or click here to learn more about ADS-B.

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