Private Pilot

With a Private Pilot Certificate in one hand and the key to an aircraft in the other, your destination choices are endless. There is no feeling of freedom quite like flying. Want to get started? It’s just a simple phone call away, we’ll do the rest.

Course Outline:

All lessons have elements of both ground and flight instruction, but some are a bit more ground-based than others.

Ground Instruction

  • Aircraft Systems
  • Weather
  • Navigation
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Airspace Restrictions
  • Airport Operations
  • Traffic Patterns
  • Radio Communication
  • Weight and Balance Calculations
  • Pre-flight Inspections
  • FAA Regulations

Flight Instruction

  • Takeoff and Landing
  • Flight Maneuvers
  • Night Flights
  • Cross-Country Flights

FAA Minimum Requirements:

  • 17 years of age (can begin flight training at 16)
  • 3rd Class Medical
  • 35 hours of flight time
  • 20 hours of flight instruction
  • 35 hours of ground instruction
  • Read, speak, and understand English

Once Complete, You Can:

  • Fly anywhere in the US and many other countries if you comply with their regulations
  • Carry any number of passengers
  • You can share some operating costs of the flight, but not get paid to fly
  • Fly at night

Note: FAA requirements vary based whether they are for Part 61 or Part 141.


Cost to complete the Private Pilot Course varies a lot based off of how long a student takes to complete their training. The FAA requires a minimum of 35 flight hours, but the national average is closer to 70. At Regal Air, we frequently have students complete the course in 55-60 hours. Students that are able to fly 3-4 days per week almost always finish faster and cheaper than those that fly 4-5 days per month.

Click Here for the Private Pilot Price Sheet, 40 Hour Estimate
Click Here for the Private Pilot Price Sheet, 55 Hour Estimate
Click Here for the Private Pilot Price Sheet, 70 Hour Estimate

Fly With Regal Air:

  • 1-on-1 Instruction – Learn at your own pace and get personalized training from our experienced instructors
  • Schedule Flexibility – Fly every day or whenever you can. We can train you around your schedule
  • Quality Aircraft – All of our aircraft are in excellent shape and very well-maintained. They’re perfect for learning to fly in!


Call us at (425) 353-9123 or contact us to start flying!

The above prices are very rough estimates. More accurate prices, including a full breakdown of costs, can be found by clicking on the link for the Price Sheet. This is not a guarantee of completion or costs. Your actual costs may be higher due to individual skills, weather conditions, your flying frequency and/or additional special needs training.

Prices do not include occasional fuel surcharges during volatile fuel pricing.
All rentals include fuel and limited insurance.