Professional Pilot Course

For those who wish to pursue flying as a profession, we have just the course for you. Regal Air has many full IFR aircraft for your private, instrument, and commercial pilot training.

Total Professional Pilot Course

Allows You To

Fly yourself, and others for money in most weather conditions

Only requires ATP and additional flight hours to be an airline pilot

Approximate Cost

Does not include “optional” courses


Approximate Time to Complete
12 months


Click on each certificate or rating for more information and more accurate pricing.

Fly With Regal Air:

  • 1-on-1 Instruction – Learn at your own pace and get personalized training from our experienced instructors
  • Schedule Flexibility – Fly every day or whenever you can. We can train you around your schedule
  • Quality Aircraft – All of our aircraft are in excellent shape and very well-maintained. They’re perfect for learning to fly in!

Call us at (425) 353-9123 or contact us to start flying!

The above prices are very rough estimates. More accurate prices, including a full breakdown of costs, can be found by clicking on the link for each course, and then opening its Price Sheet. This is not a guarantee of completion or costs. Your actual costs may be higher due to individual skills, weather conditions, your flying frequency and/or additional special needs training.

Prices do not include occasional fuel surcharges during volatile fuel pricing.
All rentals include fuel and limited insurance.