Professional Pilot Course

For those who wish to pursue flying as a profession, we have just the course for you. Regal Air has many full IFR aircraft for your private, instrument, and commercial pilot training.

Total Professional Pilot Course

Allows You To

Fly yourself, and others for money in most weather conditions

Only requires ATP and additional flight hours to be an airline pilot

Approximate Time to Complete
12 months



Cost to complete the Professional Pilot Course varies a lot based off of how long a student takes to complete their training. The FAA requires a minimum flight hours for each course, but the national average is always higher. At Regal Air, we frequently have students complete the course in below-average time. Students that are able to fly 3-4 days per week almost always finish faster and cheaper than those that fly 4-5 days per month.

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Fly With Regal Air:

  • 1-on-1 Instruction – Learn at your own pace and get personalized training from our experienced instructors
  • Schedule Flexibility – Fly every day or whenever you can. We can train you around your schedule
  • Quality Aircraft – All of our aircraft are in excellent shape and very well-maintained. They’re perfect for learning to fly in!

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