Instrument Rating

Living in the Northwest, you know how the weather can be. With an instrument rating, you are less likely to get weathered in at one of your destinations. Regal Air has many full IFR aircraft for your instrument training. To enroll in the Instrument training course, you must possess a Private Pilot Certificate.

FAA Part 61 Instrument Course ESTIMATED COST

Flight Time Cessna 172 
20 Hours in Cessna 172 Aircraft $2,952  $3,280 
40 Hours Flight Instruction $2,520  $2,800 
10 Hours Pre/Post Flight Instruction $630  $700 
20 Hours in Simulator $900  $1,000 
2 Hours FAA Check Flight C172 $295  $328 
Airman Knowledge & Practical Test Prep Material
Pilot Training Study Materials $196  $218 
Aviation Charts / Publications $27  $30 
Ground School Tuition $179  $199 
FAA Airman Knowledge Test
Computer Airman Knowledge Test $165  $165 
FAA practical Test $500  $500 
Discount Package Purchase                    ($7,000)
*Premier members placing a minimum of $5,000 on account you will receive a 5% additional credit. You can do more.
Non-refundable contract required.

You must be currently enrolled in a instrument rating program with a current Premier Flight Plan membership to be eligible.
-$350  N/A 
Subtotal $8,014  $9,686 
Premier Flight Plan Annual Membership Fee $495  — 
  Sales Tax (Aircraft, Supplies, Premier Fee) $501  $500 
Total Estimated Course Cost $9,010  $9,720 

The above prices reflect FAA minimum required hours of flight training. This is not a guarantee of completion or costs. Your actual costs may be higher due to individual skills, weather conditions, your flying frequency and/or additional special needs training.

Prices do not include occasional fuel surcharges during volatile fuel pricing.
All rentals include fuel and limited insurance.

Prices effective January 1, 2017 and are subject to change without notice.