Transportation Security Administration (TSA)


U.S. Citizens

TSA – Required Documents:

Prior to the start of any flight lesson for Private, Instrument, or Multi-Engine training, you are required by law to provide us with one of the following original documents to show proof of United States citizenship:

1) Current and valid United States Passport, or

2) Original birth certificate and current government issued picture ID, or

3) Certified copy of birth certificate and current government issued picture ID, or

4) Original naturalization certificate and current government issued picture ID.

No flight lesson may be conducted without these documents. We apologize but TSA states that this requirement cannot be waived. If you don’t provide these documents prior to your first scheduled flight lesson, unfortunately your lesson will have to be re-scheduled.  We appreciate your assistance in complying with this TSA requirement.  We will photocopy your original documents for inclusion in your pilot file.  Please bring your original documents.  Photo copies cannot be accepted.


Non – U.S. Citizens

TSA Requirements:

Any person not a citizen or national of the United States must receive permission from the TSA prior to beginning flight training for Private Pilot Certification or Instrument Rating or Multi-Engine training. 

Our Chief Flight Instructor will help you with the application process.  Please contact our office by email or telephone to set up an appointment to review your flight training requirements.