Want To Learn to Fly?

Start with an Introductory Flight Lesson

The Introductory Flight Lesson includes:

  • An opportunity for you to fly the plane!
  • Flight hours that count towards FAA-required training hours!
  • Safety Orientation
  • Pre-flight Inspection
  • Radio Communication
  • Taxi-Runway Procedures
  • Takeoff, Air Work, and Landing
  • Post Flight Debriefing
  • Facilities Tour


1 Hour Introductory Flight Lesson – $249
a) Approximately 1 Hour In-Flight
b) 1 Hour Pre & Post Briefing
c) Certificate of Completion
d) Pilot Logbook
e) No passengers

Call us at (425) 353-9123 or contact us to start flying!

Additional information:
1) Sales tax not included.
2) Minimum age 16.
3) 16 & 17 year olds need notarized parental permission. Contact us for details.