Aviation Seminars

Regal Air offers seminars on Mountain Flying, Weather, Night Flight, and many other subjects. Please call for detailed information on upcoming seminars. As we book the seminar topics and speakers we will post them here. Check back often for updates.

2017 Schedule of Upcoming Free Pilot Seminars: Sponsored by Regal Air & the Seattle FAASTeam

There are currently no seminars scheduled at this time.

Date Day Time Instructor Subject Register
May 6th Saturday 10:00-12:00 Allen Hendricks,
Attorney and CFII
Ins and Outs of FAA Enforcement and Compliance faasafety.gov

Please RSVP by selecting the faasafety.gov or the link for the event.  For all other seminars, call our office to register.

All Seminars are held in Regal Air’s classroom or maintenance hangar.