Aircraft Service Department


Our staff is made up of professional technicians with many years of experience working with both single and multi engine aircraft. All maintenance is performed and accomplished to approved FAA standards and regulations. This means all maintenance is accomplished in a timely manner by mechanics that are already intimately familiar with each airplane.

We offer our customers competitive prices on parts and maintenance. We are ready, willing, and able to service your aircraft in the best way possible. If you have any questions or would like to schedule maintenance on your aircraft, feel free to call.


For avionics installations and repairs at our FAA Approved Avionics Repair Station go here


Regal Air provides both minor and major repairs and alterations for your airframe or engines. We have a large stock of parts to fit your needs.


Regal Air works in conjunction with the leading Pacific Northwest paint and interior restoration centers. We can provide our customers with complete restoration capabilities. Whether you are looking to simply spruce up your exterior or do a complete interior/ exterior restoration with modifications, you can do it all with one stop.

Aircraft Weighing

Regal Air offers complete aircraft re-weighing. If you are making several modifications or are not sure how accurate your old records are you may want to reweigh. Regal uses Road Runner portable wheel scale pads with a capacity up to 14,500 lbs. Our system is calibrated annually and can offer certified weight and balance date, even for your Part 135 aircraft.

Dynamic Propeller Balancing

Regal Air can dynamically balance your aircraft propeller. Here are some frequently asked questions about propeller balancing.

What is dynamic propeller balancing?

  • Dynamic propeller balancing is the process whereby an electronic balancer is used to measure the vibration produced by the aircraft powerplant. Small trim balance weights are added to the propeller/crankshaft assembly to correct for errors and reduce the measured vibration to the lowest level practical. On average, 19 out of 20 fixed-wing aircraft can benefit from Dynamic Prop Balancing.

Why be concerned with vibration?

  • Excess and unwanted aircraft vibration can cause discomfort and fatigue for the flight crew and passengers.
  • The service life of expensive avionics and instruments is shortened considerably when the equipment is operated in a high vibration environment.
  • Excess vibration can also shorten the life of expensive engine components such as vacuum pumps, exhaust systems, engine baffling, spinners, and many other items.


Oxygen services are always available 5 days a week, Monday through Friday. Whether you have a small portable bottle or a complete internal system in your aircraft, we can handle it.

Other Services

Combustion heater PDT testing.