New Cessna 182 on the Line

Our Cessna 182B, N182KM, has now completed its test flying, is out on the flight line, and ready for you to rent.

In order to rent the aircraft you’ll need to have the following minimum experience requirements:

  • Private Pilot
  • 100TT
  • 5 SEFG>200hp
  • 3 Make & Model
  • HP Endorsement
  • Completion of the operating handbook exam
  • A CFI checkout to proficiency

If you are short on any of the above experience requirements, you can sit down with one of our CFIs to review our requirements to get you checked out. The handbook exam and Operating Handbook are available at the front desk.
If you are already checked out in our Cessna 205, then you will qualify for the 182 experience requirements. However, you’ll still need to complete the handbook exam and possibly a CFI checkout, depending on your experience history.

The following CFIs are available to conduct your 182 checkout:

  • Ricardo
  • Bob
  • Carolyn
  • Ben Mahir
  • Michael
  • Roger

More CFIs to follow soon as they get familiar with the aircraft themselves.

Login online to view the availability and schedule the aircraft and a CFI. Of course, you can always call the front desk for scheduling assistance.

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