Regal Air’s insurance policy covers you automatically (subject to the terms and conditions of the policy) up to a limit of $1,000,000/occurrence for bodily injury and property damage liability, subject to $100,000 limit per passenger.

Additional levels of protection are recommended and may be obtained through the purchase of a non-owned aircraft insurance policy and/or the selection of the optional equipment protection program

Non-Owned Aircraft Renter’s Insurance

Information regarding separate non-owned aircraft personal liability renter’s insurance is available by request. Although not required, you may wish to purchase a separate insurance policy to obtain higher limits of liability and/or obtain coverage for aircraft other than offered at Regal Air. Regal Air strongly recommends you review and consider a separate renter’s insurance policy to meet your individual protection needs. Aircraft hull values change periodically and are available upon request.

To purchase a policy or to obtain additional information, go to Regal Aviation Insurance (

Optional Equipment Protection Program

If aircraft damage should occur while you are renting a Regal Air aircraft, expenses may extend well beyond the level of insurance coverage. Therefore, we offer our equipment protection program to you on a per rental hour basis. By selecting this program on each dispatch sheet, you will not be liable to Regal Air for the following expenses, which can reach well over $10,000:

  1. Up to $5,000 Hull Insurance Deductible
  2. All Lost Revenues for the Aircraft
  3. Additional Maintenance and Parts Costs
  4. Additional Aircraft Recovery Costs
  5. Lost of Aircraft Value Due to Damage History
  6. Incurred Administrative Expenses

Regal Air’s aircraft insurance policy or the Optional Equipment Protection Program does not cover:

  • Any violation of Federal Aviation Regulations committed by you.
  • Failure to properly secure the aircraft as outlined in the rental regulations.
  • Any theft of aircraft or equipment by you or your passengers.
  • Any of your personal belongings that are lost, stolen, or damaged.
  • Those monies that our insurance company pays on our behalf as a result of your negligent use of our aircraft; i.e. damage repair costs to the aircraft.
  • Any personal injuries to you or loss of personal items.

Click here to view a printable version of the Regal Air insurance document.