Winter is a GREAT Time to Fly!

When non-pilots picture winter weather, they’re often thinking about avoiding it and sitting in front of a nice, warm fire with a mug full of hot chocolate. Not you. You’ve got aviation on the brain and 100LL that flows through your veins. You know that this weather isn’t meant to be shied away from. It’s meant to be embraced. It’s meant to be experienced. You’re meant to propel your life and your plane in no direction other than that which thrusts you skyward.

High visibility, great engine performance, beautiful views. What more do you need? Oh, how about that we’ll take care of the pre- and post-flight de-icing as well. If you don’t rent one of our planes, AOPA has a great article with Winter Flying Tips.

Still not convinced? Check out this picture taken yesterday by one of our renters, Jack Freelander.

Sunrise Behind Mount Rainier

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